Wednesday, August 22, 2018

We are super excited to launch 2018-2019 Membership campaign today!!!!

 Get your yearly membership right now before the craziness of the school year starts! Everyone is welcome to be a member, parents, grandparents, aunts/ uncles, teachers, school staff, local businesses, school board members, and town selectmen!
This year, our PTA will focus on:
- Gaining more members like you! Our goal is 500.
- Achieving National School of Excellence designation
-Bringing quality educational programming/opportunities to students, teachers, parents & the community
- Advocating for all students' social & emotional well-being
Your support as a member will help us to:
- Provide low-cost family entertainment & community events
- Bring in authors, speakers, and other quality enrichment opportunities for students, parents & teachers
Click Here to sign up today!